Mikey Garcia VS Adrien Broner


Mikey Garcia (36-0, 30 KOs) VS Adrien Broner (33-2; 24 KO), Super lightweight -12 Rounds
WBC Diamond Belt

Weigh ins:
Broner: 138 ¾ Garcia: 139 ½
Mikey Garcia VS Adrien Broner By The Round
July 29th 2017
By Amanda Armstrong (Triple A)

Round 1
Fighters both testing out the waters. A quick counter hook by AB, Garcia dies go to th body.
Round 2
Garcia starts to put combos together. As the round goes on he picks up the combos, body and head. He works AB on the ropes by cutting pof the ring.
Round 3
Garcia brings on the left hooks. Continues to cut off the ring on AB. Opens up ABs guard to get to head and body. Garcia fast paced, AB moving laterally.
Round 4
Garcia continues to walk down AB on the ropes. Then works AB in to a corner and work large piece combos.
Round 5
Garcias 1-2 punches continue to open up ABs guard. Garcia adds the left hook to the body when he sees the opportunity. Garcias punches have increased in number.
Round 6
AB has attempted to change up this round, but still gives up his body to Garcias left hook.
Round 7
Broner just cannot seem to reach Garcia. Garcia picks up the volume of punches toward the end in a huge storm.
Round 8
Garcia begins to taunt AB. Broner answering back. This round starts off in a war of words. 149 -74 Show Punch stats show Garcia way ahead.
Round 9
Fighters have slowed down and settled in to doing most of the work in the center of the ring. Broner connecting a few more punches. Broner now putting together combos. We see fighters begin to trade combos. Fighters have a stand the last 10 seconds.
Round 10
Broner making an attempt at a point catch up. Looking to take out Garcia with his hook. Broner lands a solid hook. As Broner connects it forces Garcias counter. Broner find the inside as his attack. Broner walks down Garcia.
Round 11
Garcia has slowed down any momentum AB had. Garcia stays busy, and finds ABs body for the hook. Garcia stays busy on his feet, keeps moving.
Round 12
Garcia still punching, still landing. AB lands 2 bigger shots, Garcia makes him pay. Garcia now bleeding from the nose.

400 AB  783G punch count

Garcia Wins 117-11 / 116-112 x2

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