Sparta Combat League brings the boxing side of their promotion back to “The Grizzly Rose”, on Saturday September 30th in Denver. Known mostly for their MMA promotion, SCL has continued to make waves in boxing in the region as they continue to put on great fight nights with some of Denver’s best young boxing talent on display at every event. I look forward to seeing show announcements from the promotion, more and more on the “sweet science”, end of things. The cards have gotten better with each announcement and next Saturdays lineup is no different.

SCL is bringing a total of 12 boxing matches to the Griz, including 6 professional bouts. Three of which I am very excited for in Jarabek(5-1) vs Antonio Flores(3-0)/ Jose Arellano(3-0) vs Ruben Tellez(2-1) and Mario Quezada(2-0) vs Andrew Strode(1-0). I was able to catch up with SCL Boxing match-maker Chris Maclean-Maestas earlier this month to get his perspective on this great card and a little insight into what SCL has in store moving forward.

I started by asking for a general statement on the card and Chris was kind enough to give me that as follows.

                We are very excited about our September 30th card as it is probably one of the strongest we have held to date. We Pride ourselves on putting together quality match ups and I believe we hit the mark and exceeded that with the card on September 30. We have the best young fighters in Colorado showcasing their skills on the day.

The card usually comes together with just spit bawling back-and-forth between myself and Jeff(Cisneros) then throwing feelers out to see what we can actually make happen. This go-round a lot of it really worked out as we have some quality local match ups, as well as quality opposition coming in from out of town to challenge our Colorado fighters. I just would like to thank all of the SCL family because it is all a team effort and couldn’t be done without each and every one of us.”

I then asked him if he could point out a couple bouts on the card that really stood out to him and could prove to be fan favorite type of fights.

                “Absolutely, the two that stick out to me the most would probably be the Andrew Strode versus Mario Quezada fight and Jonny Jarabek versus Antonio Flores. The Strode Quezada fight is very intriguing as both young undefeated fighters with something to prove I think that is going to be full of action from the opening bell. As far as the Jarabek Flores matchup you have a clash of styles that can only present fireworks. Flores who is a come forward pressure type fighter with a great chin against A slick long rangy boxer in Jarabek with a chip on his shoulder makes for a very interesting matchup. Also any fight that Jose Arrelano is in will always be a treat!”

Finally I wrapped up our discussion by asking him for the outlook on SCL Boxing as we end 2017 and move into 2018 and what the fans could expect?

                “Not just SCL boxing fans but Colorado boxing fans in general can expect nothing but quality in our fights in our production and in our approach. With the young talent the state has mixed with some quality veterans you can expect some marquee match up’s with a few surprises here and there. We are primed and ready to make a big splash into next year.”

Keep checking in with the fight magazine this week as we continue coverage during “fight week”.


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