Vigil VS Aragon, (TSE Rubicon V)

Top Shelf Entertainment LLC: Rubicon V

July 22, 2017

Photos: Amanda Armstrong / Trihex Photography LLC

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Stevie Marquez VS Corey Bernard (Airtight Boxing) Gallery

Stevie Marquez VS Corey Bernard (Airtight Boxing) Gallery

Saturday, July 8th 2017

Crowne Plaza Convention Center DIA

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Juan Santiago VS Robert Rodriguez (Airtight Boxing): Gallery

Juan Santiago VS Robert Rodriguez (Airtight Boxing) “Unleashed”

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Crowne Plaza Hotel DIA

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5280 Muay Thai #2

5280 Muay Thai #2, tomorrow at Tammy’s Event Center!

 6324 Ivy St, Commerce City, CO 80022


Congratulations and good luck to Robert Molnar and Erik Mitchell on your sophomore effort. Thank you for supporting  Colorado Muay Thai !

If you haven’t been to Tammy’s Event center it is located in the shopping center in the corner. Recently Tammy’s Event Center has expanded. Excited to see the new improvements.



UPDATE! Moises Flores vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux

By Amanda Armstrong

Photos: Amanda Armstrong

Moises Flores (25-1, 17 KOs) vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux (18-0, 12 KOs)

RESULT: Guillermo Rigondeaux by TKO at 2:59 of the First Round*


Guillermo Rigondeaux’s win will be changed to a no-decision by NSAC

On Sunday morning, Bennett said he watched the replay with sound numerous times on a video HBO provided to him.

“I listened to it several times. I had a conversation with Vic on the phone and we went over the fight and it was quite clear to both of us that that the punch was thrown after the bell,” Bennett said.

*Bennett could not change the ruling, it had to be voted on by the four commissioners.

“Vic drafted a statement that has been provided to chairman Marnell and the other commissioners and they will also be provided with a copy of the fight, and next Monday morning we will have a commission meeting, where the result will be changed in accordance with Nevada code,” Bennett said.

“The evidence to me is quite clear,” Bennett said.

*The two camps did not dispute the Nevada State commission.

“It was unintentional, but we’ve seen the punch and it landed after the bell,” said Michael Yormark of Rigondeaux promoter Roc Nation Sports. “Both fighters were in a clinch and then were throwing punches at the same time. Rigo’s landed first and flattened him. We understand the commission’s position and respect the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and we’ll accept their decision. We respect Bob Bennett, and we don’t necessarily disagree with what the commission decision will be, and we’ll move on.”

Said Flores promoter Tom Brown of TGB Promotions: “Clearly, the punch landed after the bell, and I have complete faith in the Nevada Athletic Commission to overturn the decision. We’ll send an official protest to the athletic commission and wait for them to make their decision, and I’m sure it will be declared a no-decision. They still have to go through their hoops and then see what the WBA does.”

 This was a mandatory match, the WBA will probably ask for a rematch. 

Post Fight Quotes Below 

Rigondeaux: “The Mexican was a brave kid. I commend him for getting in the ring with me. He has more guts than a lot of these other guys. We both threw combinations at the same time at the end of the first round. But mine was quicker and more accurate. It was only a matter of time. I fight to give the best performance to the public and all the fans. I am making everyone disappear at 122. I am always available. Tell me who is next. I want all of them, and will take them out one by one. I hope the whole world sees what it is like to get in the ring with me. I am tired of the press and everyone saying I am boring. You see what happens when someone brings the fight to me.”


Flores: “It’s not fair. It’s clear that the bell rang. He didn’t throw a punch the whole round. I was winning the round and he waited for after the bell to throw punch when I dropped my hands down.”


Team Sergey Kovalev International Media Conference Call

Highlights from team Sergey Kovalev International Media Conference Call

By Amanda Armstrong

Photos: Amanda Armstrong/Trihex Photography LLC

On the call: Sergey Kovalev, John David Jackson, Egis Klimas, Kathy Duval.

Today I sat in on international media Q&A with Team Krusher. Of course the theme of the call; 11 days, June 17th… Kovalev Ward Rematch.  This was a very focused team and it stayed that way.

The first question fired,  their thoughts and opinions about the scoring from Sergey’s last meeting with Andre in the ring.

Sergey added, “it isn’t really his job (judging)”,  Sergey does see that he was not aggressive as much in the second half. But yet Andre still not doing enough to win, and only getting points for surviving.

John David Jackson saw the best at 8 out of 12 rounds.

Sergey stays passionate about his boxing fans. In his (getting better) English that in the first half he proved to his fans that he can out box Andre. But the camp is ready to move on to June 17th.

On HBO’s Road To Kovalev/Ward 24/7 Kovalev’s camp discussed how over training drained him in the second half. The camp discussed this to a lesser extent (on the call) this time compared to 24/7 . See that episode here.

Again assigned to the fight is three American judges, although  Kovalevs camp did petition for more of a  international flavor. Kovalevs camp has since moved on and hopes for the best from three new judges.  Sergey says, “I believe in the judges to to their job… this is my next test.”

Sergey Kovalev still proclaims he is the true World Champion… and he (Ward), will be punished.  Sergey goes on to repeat, he was empty in the second half… and it wasn’t his day.  This time he repeats, “He must be punished…” and added, “.. and I want my belt back.”

Talking about the future beyond June 17th, if it ties up 1-1, there will NOT be a Kovalev Ward 3. Kathy Duval proclaims, ” We have no obligation to a rematch.”

“I proved to my fans that I won”-Sergey Kovalev 



A quick look at Crawford VS Diaz

Crawford VS Diaz, brilliantly entertaining, bizarre, and technically stunning boxing.  WBC and WBO super lightweight champion Terence Crawford was on Saturday night, and the crowd was treated to a show. The entertainment came from the two athletes in the ring, early on there was great back and forth action, ending in post bell stand off. It was an early sign of what was to come…

The bizarre, a couple of times referee Steve Willis had to urge Diaz to come forward to fight. Never before have I heard a stadium erupt in laughter during a fight! At one point the two met in the center NOT throwing punches. I really thought Crawford was challenging Diaz to a dace off in the center of the ring. Again referee Steve Willis tells the fighters to fight.

In later rounds as the domination continues from Crawford it became for wildly entertaining and funny? While Crawford would set up a triple jab for a classic right Diaz would shell up on the ropes. After several set ups of the soft jab in Diaz’ face Crawford would knock on top of his head. As if he was knocking on the door to be let in.  At this point Crawford was the alpha in the ring and he was just there to take the mick out of Diaz.

Technically stunning; Crawford was “King of the Counter Punch” with his uppercuts all evening. Making Diaz eat one after another, after his(Diaz) punches misses. Time after time Crawford sets up a vicious right with a triple jab to smother Diaz leaving him shelled up behind his gloves. It just seemed that Diaz couldn’t get anything else going after the first few rounds.

Another  dangerous place Diaz found him self was up on the ropes. Crawford repeatedly baited Diaz to the ropes to play a game of switch-a-roo, swiftly grabbing his elbow and tossing him into the ropes. There Crawford handed down  combos of 4, to 6 punches every time. It’s a place where you just don’t want to play .

This was probably the most fun I have had during a fight, to think I would find myself that entertained with laughter during a fight. Crawford put on an amazing show with some the best boxing basics. This was a counter punch clinic, a rope work clinic, a setting up the cross clinic.  But each one of those seemed to dismantle Diaz. After 10 rounds trainer Joel Diaz stopped the fight to save his beaten and swollen fighter.

Attendance 8026
Steve Willis calls a halt end of round 10
 Quotes Below from Terence Crawford
1st and foremost I would like to thank God and dedicate this fight to my aunt who recently passed away
I came out SouthPaw because I do what I want in there – it’s my ring
(I did southpaw) Because that’s what i wanted to do
It’s a fight – you can’t be nice in there – my dad taught me as a little kid to be mean in there – you can’t go in there and play around
Who’s next?
Pacquiao – that’s the only fight out there I’m looking for.  Indango came to my fight – where is he? if he is here i am ready to fight him also
But who know s that’s not up to me
Bob Arum he is working on a fight right now and when that fight is over we will see.
Is P4P important to you?
Of course that’s what we all do it for bleed seat that’s what we all do it for.
 Joel Diaz

No Excuses, Kovalev Ward 2


Kovalev Ward set for June 17th, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas will be a highly anticipated rematch. After their last meet up in the ring on Nov 19th, 2016 the tensions have grown between the two.

Post fight quotes from “Pound for Pound”

SERGEY KOVALEV (30-1-1, 26 KOs)

“It’s the wrong decision. I don’t want to say my opinion,” he said. “The witnesses are here. They saw it. It’s my job. It was a fight of my life. I am disappointed in the judges’ decision.”

“[Ward] got maybe a few rounds. I agree with that. I kept control. I lost maybe three rounds the whole fight. It is the USA and all the judges were from the USA. It’s a sport. Don’t make it politics. It’s a sport, and I won the fight.”

ANDRE WARD (31-0, 15 KOs)

“What a beautiful thing! We did it baby! It’s a lot of hardware. Surreal! This is what I set out to do. Now I’m a 5X World Champion in 2 weight classes. Man, it’s amazing!

“I thought I won and it sounded like fair scoring.

“Your last fight is always the most important. But I needed this.

“It was about those in the trenches moments. Sergey has no inside game. So my mid-range and inside game is what I focused on.

“After that second round knockdown, I think he (Kovalev) realized I wasn’t going anywhere and I was stepping on the gas.

In the past months each fighter has been open in their thought’s for one another. Both not holding back via social media, and in the press.


“I just saw him in the lobby of the hotel yesterday for the first time,” Kovalev said. “It’s real hard. When he looks at me, I just want to punch him in the head. I have nothing to talk to him about.

“He does not deserve respect from me. I want to punch him and punish him. I want to destroy him.”


“I could throw a lot against the wall and see if it sticks, but I have a track record. This isn’t my first rodeo,” Ward said. “I’m not getting caught up in that. You’ve got to see me June 17. Let’s simplify. You’ve got to see me June 17. And like I told him, leave the excuses at home this time.”

“Contrary to anything that is out there, there is nothing scary about him,” Ward said.

With all of these words being said, it always adds up for a win for the fans. On November 19th 2016 there was “questionable scoring”, said by many in attendance and there after in social media. This just adding to the fire, to create a highly combustible match in the ring.

Will Kovalev get that needed KO? I only hope so, because we all win when it goes to #KovalevWard3 right?

-Amanda Armstrong / Photos Amanda Armstrong




Check out fight pictures below from “Pound for Pound”





Photo Credit: Amanda Armstrong/ Trihex Photography


All fighters came in on weight and ready to put on a great show Saturday night at the “Stampede Event Center”, in Aurora Colorado. All in all the card will have 7 fights on it including two kick boxing bouts. All 7 bouts are a go as everyone was able to hit their mark Friday night.

Hope to see you all out Saturday night in Aurora at the Stampede. Doors are at 6 and the fights start at 7:30pm. Tickets are still available but the ticket line has crashed. The new number to call for last minute tickets is (970)-234-7989 , or purchase entry to the event at the doors as well.