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Invicta FC 27

Images: Amanda Armstrong

Hello again Womens MMA fans, and MMA fans. Here is part one of my coverage from Invicta Fighting Championship On UFC Fight Pass. I am starting off with my secondary camera. My secondary camera is what I use for walk outs and close up shot in the cage. Also handy while I was uploading images to my LIVE shots on Instagram. It’s quite a balancing act to do. But being able to get images out right after they happen is an exciting challenge.

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Invicta FC 27 – Weigh In Results

Invicta FC #27 Weigh In results

By Amanda Armstrong

Live on UFC Fight Pass 8pm est

Pannie Kianzad (136.7)* vs. Sarah Kaufman (135.4)
Vanessa Porto (125.3) vs. Mariana Morais (124.6)
Sharon Jacobson (115.7) vs. Ashley Nichols (115.3)
Ashley Cummins (105.6) vs. Stephanie Alba (106)
Cheri Muraski (125.4) vs. Brogan Walker-Sanchez (125.4)
Felicia Spencer (146) vs. Akeela Al-Hameed (144.7)
Mallory Martin (115.3) vs. Tiffany Masters (117.4)*
Mellissa Wang (104.3) vs. Loma Lookboonmee (105.9)
Jade Ripley (115.9) vs. Helen Peralta (115.6)

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Co-Main Event: Eric Grant vs Manuel Gallardo

Co-Main Event: Eric Grant vs Manuel Gallardo

TSE: Rubicon 5

July 22, 2017

Photos: Amanda Armstrong/Trihex Photography LLC

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Vigil VS Aragon, (TSE Rubicon V)

Top Shelf Entertainment LLC: Rubicon V

July 22, 2017

Photos: Amanda Armstrong / Trihex Photography LLC

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Top Shelf Entertainment put on an absolutely stellar promotion on Saturday evening in Pueblo Colorado when they presented their latest MMA event in “Rubicon V”, at the “Massari Arena”, on the campus of CSU Pueblo.  The 4,000-seat arena was nearly at capacity from start to finish during the 13-bout card, which included 6 professional fights in all and the anticipated return to the cage for the undefeated Adam Vigil (3-0), as he fought for the TSE welterweight title against Travis Aragon (1-4) in the main event of the evening.

The fights prior to the highly anticipated main event of the evening, set the bar extremely high with multiple first and second round finishes in all very competitive fights. There was only one fight on the evening in the pro portion of the card that wasn’t as competitive as the others, between Jordan Totoni (2-2) and Jake Mendez (1-3). The Totoni/Mendez bout saw the most impressive and dominant grappling performance on the evening out of Totoni as he grinded his way to a unanimous decision victory over Mendez with all three judges cage side scoring the fight 30-27. This win moved Totoni back to .500, with his record improving to (2-2) and should give him great confidence moving forward.

Phil Gonzalez (1-0) made a huge splash in his professional MMA debut by scoring the knockout of the night over Cody Hoffstatter (2-4) in the first round of the scheduled three round fight. Hoffstatter looked as though he may have his way with Gonzalez midway through the first round with his relentless grappling but Gonzalez defended enough to avoid the big takedown from Hoffstatter and once fully separated Gonzalez started to force exchanges with Hoffstatter and was able to soften him up with a barrage of kicks and punches. As Hoffstatter ate multiple glancing shots in this exchange, he moved forward dazed to try and clinch, which proved to be his biggest mistake of the fight. Hoffstatter buckled unconscious to the canvas after a perfect straight right hand from Gonzalez landed flush on his chin, sending the Massari into an uproar on Saturday night.

Little did we know the roar from the TSE crowd we heard in the Gonzalez/Hoffstatter fight would seem like a dog whistle in comparison to what we were about to experience in the fight of the night between Adam Martinez (1-1) and Kendale Young (1-2) which produced a round of the year candidate in the state of Colorado for 2017. Top Shelf Entertainment match makers really out did themselves with this match up, giving fight fans in Pueblo their money’s worth and more with a classic one round war.

Martinez was hurt and dropped on multiple occasions in the first three minutes of round one but he was able to land his own shots too after recovering instantly on all knockdowns. Showing absolute heart and will, Martinez kept getting up and kept pushing forward against the longer and faster Young. These advantages never seemed to faze Martinez and his game plan as the stalk continued until he landed a big right hand that dropped Young up against the cage. Young too showed great toughness and cardio as he recovered just as fast as Martinez had previously and was back to his feet in a heartbeat. Martinez smelled blood in the water though and continued to throw power punches until he saw his opportunity to take Young down with a huge double leg slam. Which he did. Very, very hard. At this point though it looked as though Young would survive and we would be treated to a second round in what had already became a back and forth war in just four and a half minutes. Martinez maneuvered his was around the guard of Young and landed a vicious right elbow on young just a split second before the bell sounded to end the first round. Young had trouble getting to his feet and then to his corner as he looked buzzed still from the chopping, right elbow of Martinez. Forty seconds into the minute-long break between the first and second round the fight was waived off. Young and his coaches decided it was against their fighters’ best interests to go back out for the second round and I must say I would have to agree with the decision because Young looked wide eyed and disoriented even minutes after the fight was stopped.

One of the best fights I’ve seen regionally in a long time and for that I say thank you to TSE.

With all of the madness of the evening, it seemed nearly impossible for the main event to come through with the same level of intensity and excitement as the previous three hours had given us. That is just a silly thought to have though when Adam Vigil is involved in said question. As the late great Eazy E once said, “y’all should’ve known by now”, meaning don’t ever question the entertainment value of Vigil.

Vigil VS Aragon, TSE, Rubicon V /Credit: Amanda Armstrong

There was no doubt left in my head after Vigil entered the cage and awaited his opponent, Travis Aragon to make his way inside of the cage doors too. Vigil never once took eyes off of Aragon who I give a ton of credit to for taking this fight on just two weeks’ notice after Willy Najera was forced to pull of the fight with Vigil. He was setting the tone as soon as they were in the cage together. Vigil, who is an absolute giant for the welterweight division seems to intimidate his opponents before the fight even starts just by his sheer size, as he was around 205lbs on fight night, just 24 hours after weighing in at an even 170lbs. It seems though that maybe just maybe the weight cut has been Vigil’s toughest opponent thus far in his young professional career. That proved to be true once more as he was able to send the “Massari Arena”, into absolute chaos as he dismantled Aragon with his first punch of the fight. A flush right uppercut sat Aragon down on the canvas and Vigil finished the job with about six or seven hammering shots to the shelled-up Aragon, bringing an end to his first professional MMA title fight at just 13 seconds of round 1.

Vigil VS Aragon, TSE, Rubicon V / Amanda Armstrong

This performance along with his 16 second head kick KO in his professional debut should put the entirety of the welterweight division in the region on notice as he pushes forward in his undefeated MMA career.

Vigil VS Aragon, TSE, Rubicon V / Amanda Armstrong

To see the entire card, you can watch the live streams from Saturday night at, “The Fight Magazine 303” Facebook page along with my post fight cage side interview with the new TSE welterweight champion himself Adam Vigil.

A big thanks to Top Shelf Entertainment for the quality treatment of press and staff alike and a bigger thank you to the fighters who provided us with an incredible night of fights and finishes down in Pueblo.

Until next time!





Sparta Combat League put on yet another successful event Saturday evening, when they produced SCL59 “Rampage”, live from the “Crowne Plaza Convention Center”, in Denver. There were 12 fights total on the evening. Three muay thai, six amateur MMA and three pro MMA bouts were scheduled in all. Four of those fights were title fights. Three amateur and one pro title were up for grabs on the night and three of those four fights delivered on the hype surrounding a title fight, with one being draped in controversy and just not what we expected.

A day and a half removed from SCL59, I have had time to really think about what took place in the jam packed “CPCC”. So much happened on the evening. Some expected and some not at all. The upsets and the predictability. There was so much to take in at the end of the night and I have struggled with how I would like to cover it going forward, so I have decided to narrow the nights events down. The following are my five takeaways from SCL59 “Rampage”.


The evening started with three straight muay thai fights inside of the SCL cage. Tim Gooden and Jamal Shaw set the bar high in the first fight of the night as far as what type of pace and action the crowd should expect going forward.

Anthony Pinedo must have gotten the message as the young muay thai fighter came out with all his tools on full display. He dismantled a very tough and strong hearted Chris Johnson in the second round of their fight and really put a buzz in the crowd and a real “want”, to see the next muay thai fight in his young career.

Alix Fisher and Brandon White put on the best muay thai fight of the evening. Fisher, a “Bang” muay thai student lost a close decision to the debuting White but really impressed me after being taken to task in the clinch of White in the first round.

I suggest Colorado fight fans keep a close eye on the muay thai scene here in Denver going forward because there is an abundance of young talent participating and some great instruction coming out of the state as well.


You hear fighters talk about never stopping or giving up in a fight, no matter how dark the situation is. You hear fighters say things like, “it’s never over until it’s over” or “I’m never out of the fight until I’m out of the fight for good”. Well let me tell you, it’s one thing to hear it and it’s a whole other thing to see it come in to action in front of your own eyes.

On two occasions, we saw fighters hurt in the first round of their fights at SCL59, just to come back and steal the victory in one fashion or the other.

The first of those two comeback performances was completed by the iron hearted Joaquin Garcia. After being dropped multiple times in the first round, including a vicious head kick knockdown delivered by his opponent Austin Stubaus, Garcia was able to survive the round and actually start to change the momentum by the time they made their way back to their corners between the first and second rounds. Garcia would then completely turn the tides just thirty seconds into the second round and completed his full circle comeback as he stopped Stubaus with strikes early in the second round.

The second fight wasn’t as dramatic as the Garcia and Stubaus fight but it showed exactly what must be done in a three-round bout after losing the first round convincingly.

 Justin Parker was the author of this particular story as he bounced back in rounds two and three and really put on an all-around MMA performance against Chris Carrol Saturday night to win the SCL amateur 125lb MMA championship.

The first round saw a hungry Carrol come out and really dominate Parker on the feet and in the grappling exchanges but Parker would answer the next bell a changed fighter and won most of every exchange going forward in the last two rounds of the amateur title fight. He said himself that he was doubting his ability as he made his way to his corner after round one but at some point, that adage came into play and Parker, “just kept fighting”. This time it earned him a title belt.


Undefeated amateur stars Grant Neal, now (3-0) and Ktaro Cade (3-1) took to the cage in what was many fight fans and critics pre-show “fight of the night candidate”, with the SCL amateur 205lb title up for grabs. What happened on fight night though was draped in frustration and controversy.

I personally struggled on deciding how to go about covering this. On one hand, I wanted to focus on what was going on in the fighters’ head who caused the controversy. On the other hand, I feel as though that wasn’t the deserving rout to take the coverage. Instead, I will focus on the man that was at the receiving end of some of the most blatant eye pokes I have ever witnessed in a fight in all my years watching them.

The character of still undefeated and now 205lb SCL amateur MMA champion, Grant Neal, was on full display Saturday night, right alongside his true toughness and grit. As the first round came to a close in the contest, it was already becoming evident that the grappling and wrestling in general from the highly decorated Neal, was going to be too much for his opponent, as he looked to frustrate him with his sheer strength advantage. Holding him down and controlling him for the final minute of round one, it appeared that it would be no more than a tough ground battle for the remainder of the title fight and the bigger and more decorated wrestler would most likely go on to win handedly. Which he did, but what he had to endure throughout the next six minutes to do so, was gut wrenching and brutal.

Shortly after the second round started, Neal took his opponents’ back down to the canvas. What transpired for the remainder of the round and the following round was mind blowing to me. To see my live reaction, go checkout my instant breakdown of the fight in the previous articles. Neal withstood the most blatant eye gouging/poking/raking, I have ever seen in MMA, on any level, anywhere. Cade was docked a point finally, towards the end of the second round but he clearly had no respect for referee Curtis Thrasher or his opponents’ well-being because he ignored every plea and warning from him for the rest of the fight.

 At one point in the third and final round referee Thrasher physically removed Cade’s hands from the face of Neal.

Neal kept his composure brilliantly the whole time. Avoiding the gouging where he could, and raining legal blows down the entire time, proving just what type of champion we are dealing with in Grant Neal. He finally had seen enough and unloaded an absolute beat down in the final twenty seconds of the final round.

Neal will have a great future in SCL and MMA in general but I would be greatly surprised to see Cade back with the promotion, which is a real shame because he is a young talent with a ton of potential but with the lack of respect shown for MMA and his opponent in general on Saturday night, I wouldn’t blame the promotion at all.


Jace Faiella came into Saturday night undefeated with the biggest challenge of his career in front of him in then SCL 170lb amateur champion Steve Stickler, who would be competing in his final amateur bout before turning pro in the near future. Needless to say, those that have never seen Jace fight, thought this would be a celebration type of fight night for Stickler, regardless of the stellar record of Faiella. That was very evident in the silence that plagued the “CPCC”, in Denver, after Faiella stopped Stickler with strikes after taking his back in the second round. The most impressive thing about the entire fight though, was what happened during the fight before it was stopped.

Faiella either stuffed or reversed every takedown attempt by Stickler who is a great grappler and then proceeded to dominate the action at every turn and every position after the first takedown attempt of Stickler in the first ten seconds of the fight. Faiella stunned the crowd but I was not completely shocked at his performance after watching him earlier this year at the “Paramount Theatre” at “Cage on the Stage” for PMMA. That fight too ended with a Faiella finish.

I look forward to seeing what is next for the new SCL amateur 170lb champion. One question that comes to mind is this. Will that amateur label be there long enough for him to defend that belt multiple times? If you ask me I say no. Those talents should be paid.


The main event of the evening looked to be an absolute battle between one undefeated prospect in Kris Nieto and the only once blemished Austin Hubbard. That is why we get them inside the cage. It was a great matchup on paper for the SCL 155lb pro belt but once the cage doors closed it was 5 rounds of brilliant domination by Austin Hubbard.

He showed us his great boxing and head movement, while putting on the grappling performance of the night. Kris Nieto proved to be all heart and as tough as we already knew he was but the shine belongs to Hubbard. He won every round on my scorecard and swept the unanimous decision at the end of the fight. At no point did Hubbard look worried or flustered against the then undefeated Nieto. To be honest he looked poised to make a run to the next level in my opinion.

Austin Hubbard has all the tools to dominate Colorado and the surrounding states for a long time to come at 155 pounds. The entire weight class is on notice and for good reason now. Austin Hubbard is the real deal.

Until next time fight fans!





BOUT#10: Austin Jones (3-4) vs Kohlman Scribner (D)

WEIGHT: 170lb Pro MMA

ROUNDS: 3 five-minute rounds

RD1: Austin Jones and Kohlman Scribner are getting set to give us our first professional MMA bout of the evening. Kohlman Scribner has a huge fan presence in the crowd, on this, the night of his professional MMA debut after a great amateur career. Both fighters are wearing black but Kohlman has the SCL logo and Jones is sporting Revgear.

The start of the first is among us and both fighters have a big bounce in their step both looking for high kicks early. Scribner lands a right hand that garners a return leg kick from Jones. Scribner is starting to find his range early and has landed multiple leg kicks to the body. Scribner goes in momentarily with his hands down and Jones lands a switch kick to the head of Scribner. Both fighters have landed some nice shots up to this point but I think Scribner has landed the more meaningful shots so far. Just as I say that Jones lands another devastating switch kick to the calf and then the thigh of Scribner. Scribner lands a right hand but it’s a glancing blow and Jones uses the momentum of the striking Scribner to take him down but its short lived as Scribner gets right back up to his feet.

The next minute sees two nice exchanges that see both fighters land making this a tough round to judge. Jones shoots at the last second to try and steal the round but Scribner sprawls and denies him as the first ends.

RD2: The second round begins with echoes of “Kohlman! Kohlman! Kohlman!”.  The first exchange of the second happened so fast that it almost seemed as though we were about to see a double knockout as they both landed and then dropped to the canvas. Jones was able to recover quicker and jumped on the back of the rocked Scribner and rained down strikes until the referee jumped in and called a stop to the action.





BOUT#9: Jace Faiella (4-0) vs Steve Stickler (5-1) (WW.CH)

WEIGHT: 170lb Amateur MMA SCL Title Fight

ROUNDS: 3 three-minute rounds

RD1: The first round starts and Stickler shoots for an explosive takedown but the undefeated Faiella reverses positon and eventually takes the back of the 170lb am. Champion in SCL. Faiella has both hooks in now and he’s looking to flatten Stickler out with punches and then transition to the rear naked choke right after striking. The ground game of Faiella is stellar as he seems to be just one step ahead of Stickler at every moment in the grappling exchanges thus far. Faiella rides out the last minute of round one in side control, throwing punches where he could fit them in. Very good opening round for the undefeated challenger.

RD2: The second bell sounds and they meet with Stickler forcing a striking engagement with Faiella in the first ten seconds but it looks to be detrimental for Stickler as Faiella catches him with a left hand that drops him. Stickler stunned still, gives up his back to Faiella and has now eaten what seems like thirty shots unanswered but is surviving somehow. Faiella relentless now, is trying to soften Stickler up for the finish or an armbar whichever comes first and it is the finish. The most impressive performance of the night and possibly the year in amateur MMA in Colorado. Hats off to you Mr. Faiella for yet another stellar showing.



BOUT#8: Grant Neal (2-0) vs Ktaro Cade (3-0) (MW.CH)

WEIGHT: 205lb Amateur MMA SCL Title Fight

ROUNDS: 3 three-minute rounds

RD1: The eighth fight of the night will be contested for the amateur SCL MMA 205lb title between two undefeated fighters in Grant Neal and Ctaro Cade. Both fighters start super cautious and circle each other. Neal lands a right hand that gets a reaction from Cade and a look as to say I see you in front of me, I feel you. Seconds later Neal shoots for his first takedown of the fight but Cade is ready for it and sprawls nicely avoiding the takedown and separating. Neal won’t give up that easy as he shoots again this time getting a deeper start but Cade is impressive in his takedown defense in the early going of this championship fight. Neal finally gets enough leverage to pull Cade down to the canvas and that’s where he will hold him for the remainder of the round. Neal isn’t landing any ground and pound but he is using old school wrestling tactics to frustrate him as he digs his forehead and chin into the face of Cade.

RD2: The second starts in similar fashion as the first but Cade goes on the offensive landing a couple of punches of his own for the first time in the fight. Neal shakes it off and scores on a deep double leg takedown but the next forty seconds is drenched in controversy as we watch Cade deliberately go for multiple eye pokes from bottom position. I have never in my life seen so many blatant eye pokes in a fight. At one point Cade tries to stick both thumbs, in both eyes and scraped at the right eye of Neal with his thumb. Referee Curtis Thrasher finally stops the action and takes a point from Cade but in my honest opinion I believe he should have been disqualified. The round ends.

RD3: Round three starts with taunting from Cade after a minute of blatant eye pokes to end the first and is taken down instantly. I can’t believe what I’m seeing as Cade continues to blatantly reach up to poke the eyes of Neal. I can’t even type right now because I am disgusted at what I am seeing. Neal holds position while trying not to go blind for the remainder of the round and unleashes a well-deserved beat down in the final twenty seconds of the fight.

In my opinion, the commission should review this fight and suspend Cade for a decent amount of time. I also believe that SCL should strip Cade of his 185lb am. Title.

RESULT: JUDGE1= 30-26 JUDGE2=30-26 JUDGE3= 30-26





BOUT#7: Joseph Galaviz (4-0) vs Sean Datte (4-2)

WEIGHT: 155lb Amateur MMA SCL Title Fight

ROUNDS: 3 three-minute rounds

RD1: Our second amateur title fight of the evening will be between Joseph Galaviz and Sean Datte but Galaviz missed weight so the title can only be won by Datte. With that said the first bell sounds and we are under way.  Both fighters feel each other out for a moment but that moment doesn’t last long as Datte lands a beautiful straight right that gets Galaviz’s attention and stuns him just long enough to not notice the deep double leg takedown that was coming from Datte. Datte slams Galaviz into the cage and takes his back. Nothing comes from the position and Galaviz works his way back to his feet and they separate for the first time since early in the first round. Galaviz throws a looping right hand and Datte ducks it beautifully and scores his second big takedown of the round and finishes the last ten seconds in the guard of Galaviz.

RD2:  Galaviz tries to change momentum early in the second as he lands a nice left head kick but it catches mostly the arms of Datte. Ten seconds later Datte scores yet another double leg takedown and proves to be the superior wrestler at this point. Datte works to pass the guard of Galaviz but Joseph is doing a decent job controlling posture but not for long as Datte gets the pass all the way to the back of Galaviz and then they rise to their feet. Galaviz tries to throw a knee out of the clinch but just misses.  Galaviz is starting to put some real heat on his punches but the head movement and distance control of Datte is proving to be a little too much as Galaviz misses on his last three punches of the round.

RD3:  The fighters meet in the middle and touch gloves in the final round of our amateur title fight. Datte instantly shoots for another takedown but Galaviz is ready this time and sprawls enough to avoid it but gives up his back in the process. After thirty seconds of grappling against the cage, Datte finally finishes the takedown attempt that started in the first ten seconds of the round.

Credit to Galaviz for constantly making it back to his feet but the wrestling of Datte is just too much for him at this point. Galaviz finally reverses Datte and lands a few punches and a knee as they separate from the clinch. Datte scores one last takedown to try and assure the victory in the last ten seconds and rides out the final round in dominant position.

RESULT: JUDGE1= 30-27 JUDGE2= 30-27  JUDGE3=30-27