BOUT#8: Grant Neal (2-0) vs Ktaro Cade (3-0) (MW.CH)

WEIGHT: 205lb Amateur MMA SCL Title Fight

ROUNDS: 3 three-minute rounds

RD1: The eighth fight of the night will be contested for the amateur SCL MMA 205lb title between two undefeated fighters in Grant Neal and Ctaro Cade. Both fighters start super cautious and circle each other. Neal lands a right hand that gets a reaction from Cade and a look as to say I see you in front of me, I feel you. Seconds later Neal shoots for his first takedown of the fight but Cade is ready for it and sprawls nicely avoiding the takedown and separating. Neal won’t give up that easy as he shoots again this time getting a deeper start but Cade is impressive in his takedown defense in the early going of this championship fight. Neal finally gets enough leverage to pull Cade down to the canvas and that’s where he will hold him for the remainder of the round. Neal isn’t landing any ground and pound but he is using old school wrestling tactics to frustrate him as he digs his forehead and chin into the face of Cade.

RD2: The second starts in similar fashion as the first but Cade goes on the offensive landing a couple of punches of his own for the first time in the fight. Neal shakes it off and scores on a deep double leg takedown but the next forty seconds is drenched in controversy as we watch Cade deliberately go for multiple eye pokes from bottom position. I have never in my life seen so many blatant eye pokes in a fight. At one point Cade tries to stick both thumbs, in both eyes and scraped at the right eye of Neal with his thumb. Referee Curtis Thrasher finally stops the action and takes a point from Cade but in my honest opinion I believe he should have been disqualified. The round ends.

RD3: Round three starts with taunting from Cade after a minute of blatant eye pokes to end the first and is taken down instantly. I can’t believe what I’m seeing as Cade continues to blatantly reach up to poke the eyes of Neal. I can’t even type right now because I am disgusted at what I am seeing. Neal holds position while trying not to go blind for the remainder of the round and unleashes a well-deserved beat down in the final twenty seconds of the fight.

In my opinion, the commission should review this fight and suspend Cade for a decent amount of time. I also believe that SCL should strip Cade of his 185lb am. Title.

RESULT: JUDGE1= 30-26 JUDGE2=30-26 JUDGE3= 30-26





BOUT#1: Tim Gooden vs Jamal Shaw

WEIGHT: 185lb Muay Thai

ROUNDS: 3 two-minute rounds

RD1: Gooden steps into the cage first and he is waring all red trunks. Shaw has blue with white and black camo. Both fighters have brought a nice fan base with them this evening and as the first bell sounds  and they waste absolutely no time as they meet in the middle to exchange. Both fighters have landed in the first thirty seconds and they begin talking to each other in there. A left high kick from Shaw just misses but he finds the mark with a front kick moments later. Shaw seems to be finding a rhythm and his distance as he lands a couple nice switch kicks to the ribs of Gooden. Gooden responds with a few punches of his own in the last twenty seconds but Shaw wouldn’t be out done, as he came forward with a final combination to end the first round.

RD2: The second round begins and Gooden checks the first two kicks Shaw throws. Gooden is looking for a front kick of his own and throws a three-punch combo off of it. Shaw is having success in the clinch in this round and stuns Gooden with a right hook upon exiting. Gooden is able to recover and he lands a big right hook of his own. Both fighters close the second round with successful exchanges, each landing flush with power punching as the round closes.

RD3: The third and final round begins and Gooden goes onto the offensive, landing multiple kicks to the right calf of Shaw. There is almost a sense of urgency in Gooden to try and finish the fight, which makes me think that his corner may have told him he is down 2-0 before going into our final round. The pace slows noticeably in the last thirty seconds and the punches that are landing just don’t have the blast behind them that is needed to finish a fight. Good Muay Thai fight overall though. This one is headed to the judges.

OUTCOME: JUDGE1=29-28 SHAW             JUDGE2=29-28 GOODEN               JUDGE3= 30-27 SHAW

CO Main Event at Kovalev Ward “The Rematch”

By Amanda Armstrong

Photo: Amanda Armstrong/ Trihex Photography LLC

Co Main event on the card features Guillermo Rigondeaux ( 17 – 0, 11 KO’s) VS Moises Flores (25-0, 17 KO’s)

Both fighters undefeated, and each had a fight in summer of 2016.

Rigondeaux was an elite amateur fight with almost 475 fights on his resume (loosing only 12). He has earned Gold Medals at the Pan Am Games, two World Amateur Championships, two world cups, and two Olympic Gold medals (2000 and 2004). November 2015 he was signed to Roc Nation Sports.

Flores, a noticeable tall 122 pounder standing 5 feet 9 inches tall,  from Guadalajara, Mexico. He made his pro debut in 2008, and has sepnt the majority of his career fighing in Mexico. He then did a U.S. debut in September 2014, winning a 6 round UD over Pablo Batres in Mesquite Texas. In April 2015 he won the WBA World Super Bantamweight (interim) title against Champion Oscar Escandon.  He has defended the WBA belt twice, and along the way picked up the IBO World Super Bantamweight title.

Tonight, on the Ward Kovalev card he hopes to claim full right to the title against  Rigondeaux in a 12 round championship co main event!









RD1: JP Augustin and Marcelo Da Silva deal with a little bit of a delay as the medic on hand is dealing with a previous fighter in the back. Finally, the fight starts with Da Silva extending his glove to touch hands and Augustin would have nothing of it as he instantly shrugs off the sign of respect and opens with a three-punch combo. Da Silva waves him in with his hands down and in a strange exchange, which almost looked like a push, Da Silva hits the canvas, first clutching at his right knee but then laying out as if he was completely knocked out. He starts to move at around 8 seconds but never makes it back to his feet as Augustin takes another victory by knockout in what is the most controversial fight of the evening so far.







RD1: Sergio comes out at the start of the first and instantly starts stalking Nolasco. Twenty seconds in and big left hook drops Nolasco and stuns the older fighter. He makes the count but just thirty seconds later he eats two more big shots that drop him on the bottom rope that keeps him up right but only for a moment as Lujan lands the finishing shot and referee Tim Mills calls the fight at just one minute and 26 seconds of round one. What a pro debut for Sergio Lujan.







RD1: Huizar is the first to make his way to the ring with all red trunks and stands across from Charley who is sporting black trunks with white trim. The first bell sounds and Curtis Thrasher is once again the man in charge. Charley comes out somewhat unorthodox but is landing on occasion. Huizar seems to be the more technical fighter but the aggression of Charley looks to turn this into a brawl early. Charley needs to watch his head as he comes in as he has already been warned for a headbutt. Huizar is starting to find his range and really hurt Charley on two different occasions with multi-punch combos. The ten second clacker sounds and Huizar looks good as he tries to finish off the already gassed and hurt Charley.

RD2: The start of the second-round sounds and Charley comes out with a little calmer but Huizar lands a big right hook and is really pouring it on as he has Charley in the corner. Charley has his mouth wide open as he moves forward and a huge left hook from Huizar stops him in his tracks. Kudos to Charley for hanging in there still as he looks completely gassed at this point. Big right lands and Charley is in real trouble as Thrasher takes a close look and waves off the fight after the second-round ends in similar fashion to our first fight of the night.




Sparta Combat League is set to take over the “Crowne Plaza Convention Center”, in Denver, this coming Saturday June 17th for “SCL59: RAMPAGE”. Colorado’s surging promotion looks to put on yet another night of great fights inside the SCL cage, with a 12-fight card that includes amateur MMA, Kickboxing and pro MMA action. Featuring four title fights. Three amateur and one pro MMA SCL championship will be up for grabs on the evening.

Joseph Galaviz (4-0) and Sean Datte (4-2) will be the first to battle for one of the four titles at stake on the evening, when they square off for the 155lb SCL amateur MMA belt in the 7th bout of the evening. Galaviz and Datte will be followed by one of the more anticipated amateur bouts in the region between Ktaro Cade (3-0), who already claims the 185lb amateur SCL title and Grant Neal (2-0). The two rising prospects will meet with the 205lb SCL amateur MMA belt on the line as Cade tries to become a two division champion in SCL amateur MMA. This is my fight to keep a close eye on at SCL59, it has real potential to steal the show.

The featured amateur title fight of the evening takes place at 170lb’s and looks to be a great battle between defending 170lb SCL amateur champion Steve Stickler (5-1) and Jace Faiella (4-0). The defense of the 170lb amateur title will be the final amateur bout before turning pro for Steve Stickler and looks to be a real test. Faiella is coming off a big TKO win over Brandon White in March and will try to spoil the amateur farewell party for Stickler on Saturday night at the CPCC in Denver.

The professional portion of the card kicks off with the highly-anticipated debut of Kohlman Scribner who will take on Austin Jones (3-4) in a welterweight battle that should prove to be a great kickoff to the main card for SCL59.

The women of pro MMA will be represented greatly at SCL59 in the co main event, taking place at 130lb’s between Ashley Deen (2-2) and Jennah Macallister who is making her pro debut on the evening. This fight as most female MMA fights, should be full of fireworks as each looks to get moving in the right direction in their pro careers.

This brings me to the main event of SCL59. The undefeated Kris Nieto (5-0) will go to war with Austin Hubbard (5-1) for the SCL Pro Lightweight (155lb) title. Both fighters have a ton of buzz around them as they continue their successful journey in the early stages of their careers. Hubbard has only stumbled once in six trips to the cage and that took place in September of last year to Sean Murray. Hubbard showed his character and determination though by taking a fight against Cliff Wright on short notice, just one month after taking his first loss of his career. He was able to defeat Wright on that October night and regained the confidence needed to step into the SCL cage for a title fight against such a capable opponent in Kris Nieto. The undefeated Nieto is surging through the regional MMA scene to say the least with his last victory coming by way of 3rd round submission over Eric Grant. Nieto is as confident as ever going into this Saturdays main event and will try to stay unblemished against a very tough opponent. The winner of this fight is sure to have a ton of momentum going forward in the region and nationally, as a win for either, will be a big highlight in their fight portfolio.

The entirety of the card including the kickboxing portion at the beginning of the night look to impress Colorado fight fans as most all SCL events deliver on. I am personally looking forward to a couple of these fights more than any others booked in the Colorado MMA scene this summer. With stellar amateur competition, including future professional stars and a great main event matchup between two rising pro prospects in the region, I would think it would be a safe bet to say that we will once again be getting our money’s worth from Sparta Combat League and their event “SCL59: RAMPAGE”, in specific.

We look forward to seeing all you great fight fans out in force this Saturday at the Crowne Plaza in Denver!



A quick look at Crawford VS Diaz

Crawford VS Diaz, brilliantly entertaining, bizarre, and technically stunning boxing.  WBC and WBO super lightweight champion Terence Crawford was on Saturday night, and the crowd was treated to a show. The entertainment came from the two athletes in the ring, early on there was great back and forth action, ending in post bell stand off. It was an early sign of what was to come…

The bizarre, a couple of times referee Steve Willis had to urge Diaz to come forward to fight. Never before have I heard a stadium erupt in laughter during a fight! At one point the two met in the center NOT throwing punches. I really thought Crawford was challenging Diaz to a dace off in the center of the ring. Again referee Steve Willis tells the fighters to fight.

In later rounds as the domination continues from Crawford it became for wildly entertaining and funny? While Crawford would set up a triple jab for a classic right Diaz would shell up on the ropes. After several set ups of the soft jab in Diaz’ face Crawford would knock on top of his head. As if he was knocking on the door to be let in.  At this point Crawford was the alpha in the ring and he was just there to take the mick out of Diaz.

Technically stunning; Crawford was “King of the Counter Punch” with his uppercuts all evening. Making Diaz eat one after another, after his(Diaz) punches misses. Time after time Crawford sets up a vicious right with a triple jab to smother Diaz leaving him shelled up behind his gloves. It just seemed that Diaz couldn’t get anything else going after the first few rounds.

Another  dangerous place Diaz found him self was up on the ropes. Crawford repeatedly baited Diaz to the ropes to play a game of switch-a-roo, swiftly grabbing his elbow and tossing him into the ropes. There Crawford handed down  combos of 4, to 6 punches every time. It’s a place where you just don’t want to play .

This was probably the most fun I have had during a fight, to think I would find myself that entertained with laughter during a fight. Crawford put on an amazing show with some the best boxing basics. This was a counter punch clinic, a rope work clinic, a setting up the cross clinic.  But each one of those seemed to dismantle Diaz. After 10 rounds trainer Joel Diaz stopped the fight to save his beaten and swollen fighter.

Attendance 8026
Steve Willis calls a halt end of round 10
 Quotes Below from Terence Crawford
1st and foremost I would like to thank God and dedicate this fight to my aunt who recently passed away
I came out SouthPaw because I do what I want in there – it’s my ring
(I did southpaw) Because that’s what i wanted to do
It’s a fight – you can’t be nice in there – my dad taught me as a little kid to be mean in there – you can’t go in there and play around
Who’s next?
Pacquiao – that’s the only fight out there I’m looking for.  Indango came to my fight – where is he? if he is here i am ready to fight him also
But who know s that’s not up to me
Bob Arum he is working on a fight right now and when that fight is over we will see.
Is P4P important to you?
Of course that’s what we all do it for bleed seat that’s what we all do it for.
 Joel Diaz




8 ROUNDS           130LBS


The Main Event of the evening features Misael Lopez and Lance Williams. Lopez is an up and coming Colorado boxing stand out, holding an undefeated record of 5 and 0. He looks to test himself against Williams who has 15 pro fights under his belt and looks to be a solid test for Lopez early in his promising young career.

Lopez has black trunks with sparkling red trim and Williams is head to toe in Duke blue and white. It will be interesting to see how Lopez handles fighting a veteran of the ring such as Williams.

Curtis Thrasher is our referee for our main event of the evening and he is ready to get things started. Both fighters are ok with standing and staying on the outside, both working their jabs early. Lopez is slowly working forward as he tries patiently to work to the inside of the taller fighter in Williams. Lopez shows great head movement as Williams misses on four consecutive punches. Immediately after, Lopez puts his first three punch combination into play and is starting to really find a rhythm early and often against the crafty veteran. The end of the first round comes and it looked close to what I expected. Williams knows how to control distance just enough to stay out of real trouble but Lopez started to figure him out towards the end.

ROUND 2: Lopez comes out in round two and works his jab. Two punches land for Williams and forces the two into their first good exchange of the fight. Lopez is starting to put punches together halfway through the second round and all though Williams is shaking his head no as to the effect of the punching of Lopez he is starting to slowly fall into the game plan of Lopez. A straight right lands for Williams and it’s his best shot of fight but Lopez smiles and shakes his head no as well. A big left hook lands for Lopez at the end of the first but is answered with a nice left from Williams to end the round.


The third starts and picks up right where we left off at the end of the second, with Misael Lopez starting to find range and pressing the action. He is really putting on with multiple punches at a time now. Williams is hurt to the body and three punches later he touches the canvas. Williams makes it to his feet at the count of 7 but just 15 seconds later he is on the canvas again. Williams makes it to his feet but isn’t responsive to referee Curtis Thrasher’s instructions and the fight is stopped. Lopez continues his rise through the boxing ranks and stays undefeated with a third-round TKO victory.





4 ROUNDS           165LBS


The co-main event of the evening is scheduled for 4 rounds at 165lbs between Alejandro Ibarra and Cruz Valenzuela and is one of the most anticipated fights of the evening and the summer in the Colorado boxing scene. Both fighters were highly decorated amateur fighters but now meet up as professionals. Cruz having one pro fight under his belt holds the experience advantage but just barely over Ibarra who is making his pro debut.

The crowd is loud and split as the fighters meet in the middle of the ring to get their last-minute instructions from referee Tom Johnson.

The first bell sounds and it is electric in the Island grove event center. Cruz looks to pop the jab but is leaving his right low which is giving Ibarra an opening with his left hook. He lands that punch twice early but Cruz can roll with the punch and recover, landing a couple nice body shots of his own and a glancing left hook above the right ear of Ibarra. It seems to be a game of timing halfway through the first as each wait to land big counter punches. Ibarra takes a straight right from Cruz but answers with a two-piece combination of his own that lands on the cheek of Valenzuela. The mouth piece of Ibarra is out as they both land big shots in the best exchange of the evening. Ibarra is still hurt from the previous exchange and Cruz lands a flurry of damaging punches that send Ibarra to a knee for a split second but long enough to be considered a knockdown. What a momentum change at the end of the first. Ibarra seems to be recovering well in the corner and looks alert to his coach’s orders.


Valenzuela looks to pick up where he left off with a big right and left hook that land. Ibarra answers with a big left hook and cross of his own. A nice straight left land for Ibarra and is the best shot so far for either fighter in the second round. It seems that every time Ibarra lands Valenzuela can bounce back and land big power punches. Ibarra now completely recovered is starting to find his range on the outside towards the end of the second round. A big straight right counter punch lands on the button for Valenzuela and the momentum looks to be changing once again, like the first round. Ibarra is hurt and dropped yet again at the end of the second in almost the exact same fashion as the first. In what looked to be a sure round for Ibarra. Valenzuela could muster up a flurry of power precise power punching that hurt Ibarra badly and stole him his second round in a row.


Ibarra must be looking for a knock out now in the last two rounds after touching the canvas in both first two rounds. The third starts as the second finished with Valenzuela landing a vicious power punch upstairs but this time Ibarra returns fire and forces Valenzuela back as he lands two punches of his own. Ibarra is showing great conditioning as he is rocked yet again but stays on his feet and returns fire. Valenzuela seems to be just a few punches away from finishing this fight but the heart of Ibarra is looming large as he mounts an offensive attack in the final thirty second of round three. Valenzuela ends the third round as he ended the first two but this time Ibarra withstood the flurry and made it to the bell without taking a knockdown.


At this point, Valenzuela is in complete control but you must applaud the chin and heart of Ibarra as he moves forward looking for a knockout in what would surely be his only chance to win his pro debut. Valenzuela looks to stay on the outside but Ibarra lands a big shot that folds Cruz and send him to the canvas what heart by Ibarra. He drops him for the second time and Cruz makes it back to his feet but Ibarra might finish him and completes the best comeback I have seen in my entire life! What a finish to an amazing fight! He had to have the knockout and he got it.