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Juan Santiago VS Robert Rodriguez (Airtight Boxing) “Unleashed”

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Crowne Plaza Hotel DIA

Photo Credits: Amanda Armstrong / Trihex Photography LLC

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By Evan Hertzog


Photo Credit: Trihex Photography

September 19th, 2014. This date marks the last time Liza Amaya stepped into the ring for a professional boxing match. On that night, she would go to war with Elizabeth Anderson at the “Salon Madrid Event Center”, in Commerce City Colorado. Amaya would exit her fifth professional fight that evening, with a perfect record of 5-0. A split decision victory kept the ferocious TLC boxer unbeaten and full of confidence moving forward in her career.

Life and this wonderful universe that we live in had other plans.

Going into the fall of 2015, Amaya and team were readying for the next big fight. They were poised and ready to stay undefeated and move her record to 6-0 with title shot opportunities sure to come soon. Two weeks or so into camp, Liza found out she was 13 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy was completely unexpected as they were already sparring in preparation for her next war inside of the boxing ring.

Instead she would put the gloves up for an unknown amount of time and take on a different type of “fight”, if you will, in her pregnancy. It was a draining process for the young fighter and extremely trying on her, health wise. Amaya would be put on bedrest and was restricted from working out throughout the entire pregnancy, which was very hard on her considering she considers the gym her life line and a place of therapy, but crediting Donald Camarena, she was able to get through it and is looking to be a much better fighter for it.

Although many other people in her life told her it was time to step away from boxing for good after having her child, Amaya claims that returning to boxing was always in the cards and always a main goal of hers going forward. She hasn’t lost any confidence and feels as though she can only be a better version of herself now, as she has grown as a human during her two-and-a-half-year layoff and is so thankful for those that stood by her and encouraged her to return.

Like many of you, I too am excited to see the return of Liza Amaya to professional boxing and expect a huge night for the TLC fighter when she completes her return on July 8th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver. I personally would be worried about the ring rust and nerves of a fighter making their return after such a long time away but with Liza Amaya I just don’t have the same worries. Weather that be because of her constant connection to boxing, or the coaches and gym she keeps. Three years away for Mrs. 2Slick 2Quick, may look like three weeks. Only time will tell.

Enjoy my quick sit down interview with Liza Amaya below and stay up to date on her fight camp and the lead up to July 8th right here at the Fight Magazine!



(VIDEO!!!) Juan “Chago” Santiago and “Red Hot” Rob Frankel Sparring session March 2017(VIDEO!!!)



PHOTO CREDIT: Trihex Photography/ Amanda Armstrong

Juan Santiago (15-16-2), is set to face Robert Rodriguez (7-6), in the main event of Airtight Boxing Presents: “Knocked out Cold” summer boxing series on July 8th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver. Both fighters are sure to be hungry for a win after long layoffs for both warriors.

I was able to snag a few rounds of sparring on video, in late March between Santiago and Rob Frankel down at AFA boxing gym, as Frankel prepared for his Colorado State title fight with Jonny Rodriguez for Airtights’ April 8th show earlier this year.

Enjoy one of those rounds right now and right here! Take care fight fans!