Invicta FC 27 – Weigh In Results

Invicta FC #27 Weigh In results

By Amanda Armstrong

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Pannie Kianzad (136.7)* vs. Sarah Kaufman (135.4)
Vanessa Porto (125.3) vs. Mariana Morais (124.6)
Sharon Jacobson (115.7) vs. Ashley Nichols (115.3)
Ashley Cummins (105.6) vs. Stephanie Alba (106)
Cheri Muraski (125.4) vs. Brogan Walker-Sanchez (125.4)
Felicia Spencer (146) vs. Akeela Al-Hameed (144.7)
Mallory Martin (115.3) vs. Tiffany Masters (117.4)*
Mellissa Wang (104.3) vs. Loma Lookboonmee (105.9)
Jade Ripley (115.9) vs. Helen Peralta (115.6)

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Top Shelf Entertainment put on an absolutely stellar promotion on Saturday evening in Pueblo Colorado when they presented their latest MMA event in “Rubicon V”, at the “Massari Arena”, on the campus of CSU Pueblo.  The 4,000-seat arena was nearly at capacity from start to finish during the 13-bout card, which included 6 professional fights in all and the anticipated return to the cage for the undefeated Adam Vigil (3-0), as he fought for the TSE welterweight title against Travis Aragon (1-4) in the main event of the evening.

The fights prior to the highly anticipated main event of the evening, set the bar extremely high with multiple first and second round finishes in all very competitive fights. There was only one fight on the evening in the pro portion of the card that wasn’t as competitive as the others, between Jordan Totoni (2-2) and Jake Mendez (1-3). The Totoni/Mendez bout saw the most impressive and dominant grappling performance on the evening out of Totoni as he grinded his way to a unanimous decision victory over Mendez with all three judges cage side scoring the fight 30-27. This win moved Totoni back to .500, with his record improving to (2-2) and should give him great confidence moving forward.

Phil Gonzalez (1-0) made a huge splash in his professional MMA debut by scoring the knockout of the night over Cody Hoffstatter (2-4) in the first round of the scheduled three round fight. Hoffstatter looked as though he may have his way with Gonzalez midway through the first round with his relentless grappling but Gonzalez defended enough to avoid the big takedown from Hoffstatter and once fully separated Gonzalez started to force exchanges with Hoffstatter and was able to soften him up with a barrage of kicks and punches. As Hoffstatter ate multiple glancing shots in this exchange, he moved forward dazed to try and clinch, which proved to be his biggest mistake of the fight. Hoffstatter buckled unconscious to the canvas after a perfect straight right hand from Gonzalez landed flush on his chin, sending the Massari into an uproar on Saturday night.

Little did we know the roar from the TSE crowd we heard in the Gonzalez/Hoffstatter fight would seem like a dog whistle in comparison to what we were about to experience in the fight of the night between Adam Martinez (1-1) and Kendale Young (1-2) which produced a round of the year candidate in the state of Colorado for 2017. Top Shelf Entertainment match makers really out did themselves with this match up, giving fight fans in Pueblo their money’s worth and more with a classic one round war.

Martinez was hurt and dropped on multiple occasions in the first three minutes of round one but he was able to land his own shots too after recovering instantly on all knockdowns. Showing absolute heart and will, Martinez kept getting up and kept pushing forward against the longer and faster Young. These advantages never seemed to faze Martinez and his game plan as the stalk continued until he landed a big right hand that dropped Young up against the cage. Young too showed great toughness and cardio as he recovered just as fast as Martinez had previously and was back to his feet in a heartbeat. Martinez smelled blood in the water though and continued to throw power punches until he saw his opportunity to take Young down with a huge double leg slam. Which he did. Very, very hard. At this point though it looked as though Young would survive and we would be treated to a second round in what had already became a back and forth war in just four and a half minutes. Martinez maneuvered his was around the guard of Young and landed a vicious right elbow on young just a split second before the bell sounded to end the first round. Young had trouble getting to his feet and then to his corner as he looked buzzed still from the chopping, right elbow of Martinez. Forty seconds into the minute-long break between the first and second round the fight was waived off. Young and his coaches decided it was against their fighters’ best interests to go back out for the second round and I must say I would have to agree with the decision because Young looked wide eyed and disoriented even minutes after the fight was stopped.

One of the best fights I’ve seen regionally in a long time and for that I say thank you to TSE.

With all of the madness of the evening, it seemed nearly impossible for the main event to come through with the same level of intensity and excitement as the previous three hours had given us. That is just a silly thought to have though when Adam Vigil is involved in said question. As the late great Eazy E once said, “y’all should’ve known by now”, meaning don’t ever question the entertainment value of Vigil.

Vigil VS Aragon, TSE, Rubicon V /Credit: Amanda Armstrong

There was no doubt left in my head after Vigil entered the cage and awaited his opponent, Travis Aragon to make his way inside of the cage doors too. Vigil never once took eyes off of Aragon who I give a ton of credit to for taking this fight on just two weeks’ notice after Willy Najera was forced to pull of the fight with Vigil. He was setting the tone as soon as they were in the cage together. Vigil, who is an absolute giant for the welterweight division seems to intimidate his opponents before the fight even starts just by his sheer size, as he was around 205lbs on fight night, just 24 hours after weighing in at an even 170lbs. It seems though that maybe just maybe the weight cut has been Vigil’s toughest opponent thus far in his young professional career. That proved to be true once more as he was able to send the “Massari Arena”, into absolute chaos as he dismantled Aragon with his first punch of the fight. A flush right uppercut sat Aragon down on the canvas and Vigil finished the job with about six or seven hammering shots to the shelled-up Aragon, bringing an end to his first professional MMA title fight at just 13 seconds of round 1.

Vigil VS Aragon, TSE, Rubicon V / Amanda Armstrong

This performance along with his 16 second head kick KO in his professional debut should put the entirety of the welterweight division in the region on notice as he pushes forward in his undefeated MMA career.

Vigil VS Aragon, TSE, Rubicon V / Amanda Armstrong

To see the entire card, you can watch the live streams from Saturday night at, “The Fight Magazine 303” Facebook page along with my post fight cage side interview with the new TSE welterweight champion himself Adam Vigil.

A big thanks to Top Shelf Entertainment for the quality treatment of press and staff alike and a bigger thank you to the fighters who provided us with an incredible night of fights and finishes down in Pueblo.

Until next time!


(VIDEO!!!) Juan “Chago” Santiago and “Red Hot” Rob Frankel Sparring session March 2017(VIDEO!!!)



PHOTO CREDIT: Trihex Photography/ Amanda Armstrong

Juan Santiago (15-16-2), is set to face Robert Rodriguez (7-6), in the main event of Airtight Boxing Presents: “Knocked out Cold” summer boxing series on July 8th at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Denver. Both fighters are sure to be hungry for a win after long layoffs for both warriors.

I was able to snag a few rounds of sparring on video, in late March between Santiago and Rob Frankel down at AFA boxing gym, as Frankel prepared for his Colorado State title fight with Jonny Rodriguez for Airtights’ April 8th show earlier this year.

Enjoy one of those rounds right now and right here! Take care fight fans!




Sparta Combat League Weigh-In Results from “Last Call Tavern”, on 4-28-17 in Denver Colorado:

 MAIN EVENT: Misael Lopez (4-0 1KO) vs Rene Marquez (5-3) Scheduled 8RDS 133LBS

LOPEZ- 132LBS                   MARQUEZ- 132.4LBS

 CO MAIN EVENT: Jonny Jarabek (4-1 1KO) vs Emilio Hernandez (2-6 2KO) Scheduled 6RDS 142LBS

JARABEK-  142.2LBS                         HERNANDEZ- 142.8LBS

 BOUT #3: Jose Arrelano (1-0) vs Marco Ambriz (1-0 1KO) Scheduled 4RDS 133LBS

ARRELANO- 134.4LBS                      AMBRIZ- 134.2LBS

 BOUT #2: Antonio Flores (2-0) vs Nick Robinson (D) Scheduled 4RDS 135LBS

FLORES- 134LBS                     ROBINSON-134.4LBS

 BOUT #1: Milton Rogue vs Sergio Lujuan Scheduled 3RDS Amateur 147LBS

ROGUE-139.6LBS                              LUJUAN- 138.2LBS

 *The bout scheduled between undefeated prospect Treven Coleman out of Nebraska and Demetrius Wilson was called off on the day of weigh-ins. We do know that Coleman did make the trip to Denver and was ready to fight. *



Sparta Combat League is set to make its return to the boxing world, as they get ready to invade the “Crowne Plaza Hotel Convention Center”, once more with their “Young Guns” card. Although the card isn’t exactly what it was built to be originally (we will touch on that in a moment), the final line up of fighters and matchups is very nice and will be well worth the price of admission I’m sure.

The card will consist of six fights in all, five professional and one amateur. “Young Guns”, will be main evented by up and coming and undefeated Colorado boxing prospect, Misael Lopez. Lopez (4-0 1KO) will put his young undefeated record on the line when he squares off with Rene Marquez (5-3) who also started off his career at 4 and 0 but has since dropped 3 of his last four fights. This should be a nice test for Lopez as it is his first 8 round fight of his career and he is fighting an 8-fight veteran who knows exactly what it is like to have the pressure of defending an undefeated record early in your career on your shoulders.  With that said I do believe Colorado boxing fans will be in for quite a treat when the main event of the evening takes place this coming Saturday night.

The CO-Main event of the evening will feature a nice little matchup taking place at 142lbs, scheduled for 6 rounds, when Jonny Jarabek (4-1 1KO) takes on Emilio Hernandez (2-6 2KO). I look for Jarabek to bounce back in a very big way on Saturday night, coming off of the first loss of his career last December to Guy Smith in Nebraska for the Nebraska state welterweight title. The loss was drenched in controversy after the fight was stopped due to a cut over the eye of Jarabek in the third round of a scheduled six round fight causing the Colorado native to take his first loss of his career. Jarabek has had ample amount of time away in my opinion to come back with a clear mind and a path and plan to fighting smart and not emotional after such a hard way to take your first loss of your career with many people having him ahead three rounds to none when the fight was stopped in Nebraska late last year. Combine the determination to come back better and even more prepared than ever, with the fact that Hernandez is on a five-fight losing streak, not tasting victory since 2013, gives Jarabek a great opportunity to shine back at home and move forward with the Guy Smith fight far in his rearview mirror.

With Lopez and Jarabek fighting on this card, they alone make for must see boxing in the state of Colorado, but I would be lying if I wasn’t a little worried at first of the fate of this card as we saw a few fights fall off over the last few weeks, with really pleasing names attached to those fall outs but I gradually grew to love this set six fight card. I went ahead and asked SCL Boxing match maker Chris Maclean-Maestas for a statement on the fights that fell off the card during the build up to fight night, his thoughts on the card and his take on the main event of the evening and Misael Lopez in general. Chris was so kind to give me the statement I asked for and it reads as follows.


                CHRIS MACLEAN-MAESTAS:

                “Unfortunately, we have had a couple of fights fall out due to injuries and pull outs. The highly-anticipated bout between Melik Elliston and Freddy Marquez. The Andrew Strode and Nicholas Brand fight and the return of Manny Lopez is off, but we still have a loaded 6 fight card for Colorado boxing fans, with solid matchups and the best up and comers in the state!

Misael Lopez will be facing a hard-hitting Rene Marquez who will be making his super featherweight debut after fighting as high as 154lbs! Lopez who hasn’t had an easy touch yet seems primed and ready to take on Marquez Saturday night.”

Maclean-Maestas added, “Also there will be a treat for fight fans when number 1 ranked junior welterweight Terrance “Bud” Crawford, number 4 ranked junior welterweight Adrian “El Tigre” Granados and former world champion and local hero “Mile High” Mike Alvarado will be in attendance!”

As you see the excitement is still high and should be for many of the reasons I stated in the main and co main event fights on the evening. The rest of the card will consist of another set of up and comers putting undefeated records at stake when Jose Arrelano (1-0) fights Marco Ambriz (1-0 1KO) in a scheduled 4-round bout taking place at 133lbs.

As I said before this card is packing quite the punch with only six fights because of fighters like Treven Coleman (5-0 3KO) of Nebraska coming to the mile-high city to take on Demetrius Wilson (0-2) in what is sure to be a non-stop four round contest at 135lbs. 

The pro fights are rounded out by Antonio Flores (2-0) who is looking to stay unbeaten against Nick Robinson who is making his pro debut in this four-round contest taking place at 135lbs. The last fight to be mentioned for this fight card is also the only amateur fight taking place at SCL “Young Guns Boxing”, and will be between Milton Rogue and Sergio Lujuan in a 3-round fight at 147lbs.

Tickets are still available for this event online and can be purchased on Saturday night at the door of the event as well. Stay locked in to the Fight Magazine for all the results of this event and more that are taking this place this weekend in Colorado and beyond.