Invicta FC 27 – Weigh In Results

Invicta FC #27 Weigh In results

By Amanda Armstrong

Live on UFC Fight Pass 8pm est

Pannie Kianzad (136.7)* vs. Sarah Kaufman (135.4)
Vanessa Porto (125.3) vs. Mariana Morais (124.6)
Sharon Jacobson (115.7) vs. Ashley Nichols (115.3)
Ashley Cummins (105.6) vs. Stephanie Alba (106)
Cheri Muraski (125.4) vs. Brogan Walker-Sanchez (125.4)
Felicia Spencer (146) vs. Akeela Al-Hameed (144.7)
Mallory Martin (115.3) vs. Tiffany Masters (117.4)*
Mellissa Wang (104.3) vs. Loma Lookboonmee (105.9)
Jade Ripley (115.9) vs. Helen Peralta (115.6)

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Cotto VS Kamegai Weigh In

Weigh In results for August 26th 2017 for Cotto VS Kamegai for the

 WBO Junior Middleweight Title at the StubHub Center in Carson, California

Photos: Amanda Armstrong/

Cotto Kamegai weigh in golden boy boxing

Miguel Cotto (40-5, 33 KOs) weighed in at 153.6 pounds .

Cotto Kamegai weigh in Golden Boy Boxing

Yoshihiro Kamegai (27-3-2, 24 KOs) weighed in at 153.8 lbs..

Cotto Kamegai Golden Boy Boxing weigh incotto kamegai golden boy boxing

Ward Kovalev “The Rematch”

Photos : Amanda Armstrong

LAS VEGAS, NV (June 18, 2017) – Andre Ward vs. Sergey Kovalev 2: “The Rematch” took place on Saturday, June 17 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas. The championship event, presented by Corona Extra, was produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View®.


Below you can find all of the fight results and fighter quotes:


Sergey Kovalev (30-2-1, 26 KOs) vs. Andre Ward (32-0, 16 KOs)

RESULT: Andre Ward by TKO 2 at 2:29 of the Eighth Round


Andre Ward: “I’m ecstatic, I’m happy. I didn’t predict a knockout, but I said it could happen. I’ve been boxing a long time and, sometimes, a lot of writers and reporters they don’t take you at your word. If you look at my career and the way I’ve gone about things, I’m pretty matter of fact. I’m pretty straightforward. I don’t say anything unless I mean it. I have a lot of respect for Kovalev. He is a world champion. He’s been on top for a long time. He’s a great fighter; there’s not a lot of people that elite. I’m not going to throw him under the bus even though they did a lot of different things. But I knew the temperament that I was fighting. I don’t want to call him a frontrunner, but if he’s not having his way, he’s got to dig deep. I don’t know if he had the right answers tonight. Obviously, he didn’t because the fight got stopped.


“I was breathing, he was breathing, but I’m used to working tired. I’m comfortable being uncomfortable; that’s how we work, that’s how we train. When I saw him put his arms on the ropes in between the rounds – I watch all that stuff – that’s trouble for him. I just needed to keep being smart.


“I think it was plain to see that I broke him mentally and physically. I’m not a person that demands respect or none of that. You don’t have to respect me and I don’t demand anything, but at a certain point and time, you got to give a person their just do. I’m 13 years in and I’ve been doing it against the best.


“What’s next? Cruiserweight? Heavyweight? I dream big. Anything is possible when you have God.


“If there are questions marks after this, that has nothing to do with me. I’m going to enjoy my family, kiss my wife and we out.


Virgil Hunter: “I told them (the media) that I only trained Andre for the knockout twice. The first was Chad Dawson. And the second was for tonight. And they laughed at me. But I knew what was going to happen because he (Ward) was healthy. Now we quieted all those who were whining and thought we didn’t take it the first time.”


Sergey Kovalev: “He hit with four low blows. The ref didn’t call them. I felt I could have continued. This is bullshit.”

Ward Kovalev Score Card


Ward Kovalev Quotes/Results

By Amanda Armstrong

Photos: Amanda Armstrong / Trihex Photography LLC


I knew this was going to be different – he fought a good fight the first time but when I went back and looked at it I computed it and tonight I came out all right
1st time around man is world champ he’s been on top a long time I give him credit he is a great fighter and when u fight great fighters you have to raise your game.
Ifelt like I was up but I don’t know by how many
I saw him reacting to body shots that were borderline so i knew I had him
I knew he was hut trying to cover up.   (watching) hat’s what started it – right there with ethe right hand
I went back to the body.  I went right back there again and he wasn’t reacting then the referee stopped the fight.
(IS P4P important to you?)
Of course it is but I don’t have a vote.  When I beat a great fighter like Kovalev hopefully I will get the vote now
He is a good fighter and I give nothing but respect to him
Maybe cruiserweight.  I don’t know.  I always wanted to fight heavyweight but it has to be the right guy.
I don’t know I can’t explain it.
Not every round but I thought I was doing very good
I was better nd he was better this fight.  I didn’t feel like I was getting knocked down by the power of his punches. 
Low blow.  Again.  Another one.
One shot was on the border.
I could have continued.  I didn’t feel he could throw the punch that would end the fight.
This is fighting we are boxers yes he did punch me but he didn’t hurt me.  The fight should have continued.
I would like it very much to fight him again.

Post bell punches in the Co Main/Results/Quotes

By Amanda Armstrong

Photos Amanda Armstrong

Moises Flores (25-1, 17 KOs) vs. Guillermo Rigondeaux (18-0, 12 KOs)

RESULT: Guillermo Rigondeaux by TKO


Rigondeaux: “The Mexican was a brave kid. I commend him for getting in the ring with me. He has more guts than a lot of these other guys. We both threw combinations at the same time at the end of the first round. But mine was quicker and more accurate. It was only a matter of time. I fight to give the best performance to the public and all the fans. I am making everyone disappear at 122. I am always available. Tell me who is next. I want all of them, and will take them out one by one. I hope the whole world sees what it is like to get in the ring with me. I am tired of the press and everyone saying I am boring. You see what happens when someone brings the fight to me.”


Flores: “It’s not fair. It’s clear that the bell rang. He didn’t throw a punch the whole round. I was winning the round and he waited for after the bell to throw punch when I dropped my hands down.”


Under Card Results/ Non Televised , Ward Kovalev “The Rematch”

Photos: Amanda Armstrong

Jonathan Steele (7-1, 5 KOs) vs. Enriko Gogokhia (5-0, 2 KOs)

RESULT: Enriko Gogokhia by Unanimous Decision

Enriko Gogokhia: “I thought it was a good fight. I really wanted to knock him out but I also wanted to play with him and make him go a little harder. He was just the fighter I thought he would be and I was prepared for him. I am happy with my performance.”


Jonathan Steele: “Hopefully I will get back in there, I want revenge so hopefully I will be looking forward to a rematch. It was a great fight. I really enjoyed my first time in Vegas, it’s a beautiful thing. It was a very humbling experience. I will go harder in the gym and I’ll come back out here and continue on my path to become the world champion.”

Alex Sandro Duarte (6-1, 4 KOs) vs. Bakhram Murtazaliev (9-0, 7 KOs)

RESULT: Bakhram Murtazaliev by TKO at 1:31 of the First Round


Bakhram Murtazaliev: “I’m very happy. The fight went so quickly that I didn’t have time to even think about how I felt. I didn’t intend to knock him out, it just happened.”


Alex Sandro Duarte: “He was taller and stronger than me. I was fighting in a weight class that was above my normal weight class. I am disappointed.”

Brando Sanudo (5-5, 2 KOs) vs. John Bauza (7-0, 4 KOs)

RESULT: John Bauza by TKO at 1:14 of the Second Round


John Bauza: “That knock down felt great! It was an easy win because I worked hard. I felt strong in the first round. Thanks to all my followers and supporters. I will keep up great work. Whatever my promoters tell me next, will be next.”

Brando Sanudo: N/A



Kovalev VS Ward; Weigh In

By Amanda Armstrong

Photos: Amanda Armstrong/Trihex Photograph LLC

Today Sergey “Krusher” Kovalev, and Andre S.O.G. Ward stepped on the scale at The Mandalay Bay Event Center, Las Vegas.  Both fighters came in at 175.  We have a fight! Both fighters confident, both fighters war ready. Kovalev even cracking a few jokes, even taking a stab at Ward.

Kovalev walked off the press conference stage yesterday, when asked today he simply stated, “I did not want to waste my energy on him..”

Sergey was all smiles at weigh in’s, and Andre came across trying to poke the Russian bear.

Pictures below.




Ward vs. Kovalev 2: “The Rematch, a 12-round mega-fight for the WBO/IBF/WBA Light Heavyweight World Championships, is presented by Roc Nation Sports, Main Events, Andre Ward Promotions, Krusher Promotions and Corona Extra, sponsored by Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Jetlux, Life10 Electrolyte, Zappos, D’USSÉ Cognac, ProSupps and Powered by Monster. The championship event takes place Saturday, June 17 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay-Per-View® beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. PT. Tickets for Ward-Kovalev 2: “The Rematch” are available on and at the Mandalay Bay Events Center Box Office.



Quick Results from Paramount MMA – Under Card

Paramount MMA VII
Ammy Quick Results:

Jorge Sanchez def. Robin Maggs VIA Armbar at 2:41 of RD.1

Nick Lancaster def. Jesse Ames VIA TKO 1:14 of RD.1

Grant Neal def. Joey Chacon VIA Rear Naked Choke (RNC) at 1:01 of RD.1

Miguel Perez def. Jose Gomez VIA Unanimous Decision (UD) All Judges scored it 30-27

Jace Faiella def. Brandon White VIA Crucifix Ground and Pound TKO at 2:00 of RD.2

Brittany Boone def. Cara Greenwell VIA Split Decision (SD) all judges had it scored 29-28 with two of them leaning towards Boone


Paramount MMA 7


Weigh-In Results From “Lucky Strike Lanes lounge”



Catch this action-packed card at the famous “Paramount Theatre”, in downtown Denver, Friday night March 24th.  You can purchase tickets online at or snag one at the door night of, but don’t wait as this is sure to fill up fast! The doors will open at 6pm and the leather starts flying at 7pm. Enjoy the fights and remember to drive responsibly.

  1. Featherweight Bout 145LBS

Robin Maggs (AMMY Debut) vs Jorge Sanchez (1-0)




  1. Middleweight Bout 185LBS

Nick Lancaster (5-2) VS Jesse Ames (3-2)


AMES: 185.4LBS


  1. Light Heavyweight Bout 205LBS

Grant Neal (1-0) VS Joey Chacon (2-1)

NEAL: 203.6LBS



  1. Flyweight Bout 125LBS

Miguel Perez (2-0) VS Jose Gomez (2-2)




  1. Welterweight Bout 170LBS

Jace Faiella (3-0) VS Brandon White (4-1)




  1. Women’s 115LB Bout

Brittany Boone (4-2) VS Cara Greenwell (2-0)




PRO Lightweight Kickboxing Bout 160LBS

Justin Moss (Debut) VS Joe Miles (Debut)




PRO Lightweight Bout 155LBS

Nicholi Navarro (4-3) VS Yomi Heredia (2-2)




PRO Featherweight Bout 145LBS

Derek Brenon (4-0) VS Jesse O’Rullian (1-1)





Jarred Mercado (14-4) VS Nick Rhoads (9-3)





Brian Rogers (13-9) VS Canaan Grigsby (8-5)